Introduction to Voicethread

Using Voicethread
I have used Voicethread in the past and was looking forward to sharing this tool with my young entomologistVoicethread is a website where pictures can be uploaded and members are invited to post comments.  In preparation  I took a picture of each of my students using Photo Booth and applied the comic effect.  I then uploaded each picture and created individual identities.

I also uploaded some great pictures of our insects.  The pictures were taken with a USB microscope and uploaded to our voicethread.  I created a gallery from which the students could choose from.  In order to support my students in adding comments to the voicethread, I posted a question on each picture.  These questions could be used as a springboard for their own comments or questions.
Using Voicethread

Once everything was ready to go, I booked some time in our Learning Hub Tech Zone.

The idea was to show my students the voicethread, how to use it and then have a go at it on their own computers.
I showed my class the voicethread and how to navigate the website.  I modeled how to use the different buttons on the website and how to record a voice or text comment.

Using Voicethread

After we reviewed the steps with a few students coming up to the Smartboard to record comments, the students were allowed to explore the voicethread on their own computers.  Since it was the first time in the Tech Zone, things were a bit hairy.  We had some login issues, finding the website, using the headsets and other troubleshooting matters.  With time against us, the students only got a chance to access the website and navigate through the pictures. 

I had to go back and rethink how to better support my students.  There was simply too much happening at once and a lot of it NEW to many of my students.  Nevertheless, they were excited and energized.  They couldn’t wait to record comments and to share this with their parents.  In this way, I had succeeded in using technology as a motivating factor to learn and to communicate learning.  I was determined to make the next Voicethread session a great success.


~ by Vu Lam on March 5, 2010.

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